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About Us

Who We Are

Gas Safety systems was founded by Keith Bell. Keith is a Mechanical engineer with a professional engineering license in the state of NEW YORK.


He attended Manhattan College and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. He has worked in the Mechanical and HVAC field for over 30 years as both a design consultant and a contractor. He has worked with Ultra high purity gas distribution systems and toxic gas facilities for the semiconductor industry. Over the last twenty years he has seen the effects of carbon monoxide and gas leaks firsthand running a design build HVAC contracting firm and is committed to providing additional safety to the public with this new innovative product.



The Gas Safety Mission

Our mission is to save lives caused by these dangerous leaks. The Gas Safety System goal is to ensure LPG (propane), natural gas (methane) and carbon monoxide (CO) leaks are mitigated before they harm life or property. Giving peace of mind to all building owners and residents.




Gas Safety System, reducing injuries and death caused by dangerous CO & Gas leaks.

Gas Safety System

is dedicated to

reducing injuries and death caused by dangerous

CO & Gas leaks.

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Mailing address: Gas Safety System,  P.O. Box 222,  200 Route 6,  Mahopac NY 10541


845-621-7233 (SAFE)