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 What is the Gas Safety System

Gas Safety System® is a life saving system that will detect and shut-off Carbon Monoxide (CO), Natural Gas or LPG (Propane) entering the home or commercial dwelling.

Our patented Nemoto® industrial grade sensor and our Peerless® shut-off ball valve is the only system of it's kind on the market today with this very unique capability. Our dwellings are packed with an endless number of sources and circumstances that can cause dangerous carbon monoxide levels to rise fast.  We are proud of our product because it will help to detect and shut-off the danger.  Install the Gas Safety System today and help keep you and your family safe.


 How the Gas Safety System Works!


How the Gas Safety System Works

The Gas Safety System detects dangerous levels of CO, Gas & LPG.  Once detected a signal is sent to the control panel which activates the auto shut-off ball valve.  Cutting off the danger from the source which in turns saves lives.

 Gas Safety System Components

The Gas Safety System is comprised of three basic components.  Based on your intended use, the system is interchangeable: (1) CO detection unit, and/or (1) gas detection unit, (1) control panel and our award wining patented shut-off ball valve.


About our Nemoto Sensors:

The system will detect levels of Carbon Monoxide, Natural Gas or LPG (Propane) before it reaches dangerous levels. Our detectors conform to higher EN50291 or EN50194 standard that far exceeds the present UL standards. Once detected, the shut-off ball valve is activated cutting-off the fuel source.



Know the Dangers of Carbon Monoxide


Carbon Monoxide (CO) poisoning results in an estimated 50,000 emergency room visits in the United States annually and 450 accidental  deaths, according to the CDC, Center for Disease Control. In addition Gas and LPG explosions do extensive damage to neighborhoods and often end with tragic results.

Gas Safety System Carbon Monoxide
Gas Safety System kepping Families Safe from Gas Leaks

IET Award


In the United Kingdom, our product received the IET Innovation Award in the Built Environment Category at the 2010 Awards. The IET Innovation Awards celebrate the products, technologies and processes that lead the way in engineering innovation.


Gas Safety System IET Award


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"Our mission is to offer a system that will stop the tragic results caused by these dangerous leaks."


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